Android 2.2 FroYo on Nexus One not Final Build

If you remember back to the weekend, we wrote about the Google Nexus One getting Android 2.2 over the air. Towards the end of the day it appeared that not many users were getting it. Also it seemed like those who got it were all using review models.

Later on that day a public download was spotted that allowed users to grab and install it manually. We now hear that the build released late last week wasn’t a final build.

The information comes from a Google [GOOG] employee called Ry Guy who said the new version spotted over the weekend isn’t the official release. For those who have already upgraded to the latest build over the weekend, you’ll still get another OTA update when the final version is ready.

Google is working hard to get the final OTA update ready as quickly as possible. It is expected that in the next two weeks it will be ready to roll. The only reason you wont get an OTA update is if you manually download the final build first, or if you have rooted and installed a different built altogether on your device.

Via: SlashGear


  1. So if I’ve got FRF72 I’ll still get the ota update right?

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