Amazon Tablet Likely to Use Two-Finger Touchscreen Technology

Amazon could be using two-finger touch technology when it launches its first tablet devices. The reasons for this are due to cost savings. Both the iPad and various Honeycomb tablets each use 10 finger touch technology allowing for more interaction with the tablets, but Amazon may have decided that two is enough to use most functions on the device.

The information about touchscreens comes from Digitimes who are sometimes right on the mark and other times, not so. If true, it shows Amazon is working on something slightly different rather than trying to use the success of the iPad to build another tablet that may or may not sell. With the success of the Kindle, we suspect Amazon may also get this new tablet spot on and with the huge customer base they have, they could see some decent sales if the price is right.

Although no release dates have been confirmed, we expect to see the tablet launch in the fall of this year. A few months back, rumours hinted at both dual and quad-core tablets being launched.


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