New Amazon Kindle Cases Ready for Launch

Yesterday, Amazon announced that a new Kindle is being launched in a few weeks time. The new Kindle has a lower price point along with a better screen and overall lighter and thinner than the previous Kindle.

A couple of cases are already showing up for the new Kindle. Both are made of genuine leather and are available in a folder-style design with an elastic strap to keep the Kindle tucked away inside.

To protect the Kindle, soft grey microfibre is used for the inner lining. With the new Kindle being thinner and lighter the case can also be a little slimmer than previous versions making it even more easy to carry around.

The two new cases that have been created have a slight different in that one of them has a swivel out light allowing you to read in the dark. As the Kindle users e-Ink, it cannot be read in the dark as the screen is not internally lit.

Both Kindle cases will be launched on August 27 when the new Kindle starts to ship. Seven different colours can be chosen.

Price wise, the regular case will cost $35 while the light case will cost $60.

Via: Geek Sugar


  1. Ron - Kindles for sale says

    Unfortunately, I’m not sure that any light from a case can provide you a good enough reading experience, even though these cases do look promising. That’s not really a big problem, anyways.

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