Amazon Kindle 6 Inch Model Out of Stock

Amazon has sold out of the Amazon Kindle 6 inch model. Normally this wouldn’t be such a big deal (although it has only happened once before in 2008), but recently Amazon launched a new Kindle DX that was cheaper and had a better screen. With this in mind, a number of people are speculating that Amazon could be getting ready to introduce a new Amazon Kindle with the same enhancements that the Kindle DX recently received.

When visiting the Amazon home page users now see the larger Kindle DX greeting them rather than the smaller model that has been on the home page for around a year now.

Bloomberg has commented that a new Amazon Kindle could be launching in August and with Amazon selling the last of the Kindle 6 inch model, it appears that they could be about to launch a new model in the next few weeks.

What we expect to be included in the new model is a thinner unit as well as the nicer screen that the DX now has. Perhaps a price drop might also happen although the Kindle already had a price drop within the last few months.

We’ll keep our eye on Amazon and let you know as soon as any official announcement is made.


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