Aiptek 3D HD Camcorder Ready for Pre-Order

Yesterday we wrote about a new pocket sized 3D HD camcorder that was launching soon called the Aiptek 3D. We now see that Amazon has a pre-order page up for the camera with a price tag of $199.

The camera has two lenses each with a 5 megapixel sensor behind and are capable of capturing 3D HD at 720p. The screen on the front of the device measures 2.4 inches. Early indications suggest the 2.4 inch screen can show 3D without glasses although the Amazon page doesn’t mention this.

We also heard earlier that 3D glasses are included that you can use when watching video on your TV or computer. Again, Amazon doesn’t mention this on their site although the write up is very brief and will be expanded a little before the August 15 shipping date.

Pre-orders are being taken now over at Amazon in the US.

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