Aiptek 3D Camcorder Launching

The Aiptek 3D camcorder is a budget camera that when launched will cost around $200.

As the name suggests, it can capture video in 3D thanks to having two lenses. The camera is similar to the Flip, Kodak Zx1 and other USB style cameras in that it easily connects to a PC or Mac to transfer captured video.

The specs of the camera show that it has two lenses each with 5 megapixel sensors. This allows 3D HD footage to be captured at a resolution of 720p. The screen measures 2.4 inches and is a 3D panel allowing you to see the 3D video without glasses. Red and Cyan glasses are also included so that when you play video back on your computer or TV, you can watch it in 3D.

It isn’t clear at the moment if you can separate the left and right video channels out to capture regular HD video, or even just show 1 channel from previously recorded 3D content, but we assume that there will be one or both of these features in the camera.

When launched it will cost $200 although release dates have not been confirmed just yet and we also don’t know where the Aiptek 3D will be sold, as in which countries.



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