Addictaball Finally Arrives in the UK

Addictaball is the UK version of what the US call Superplexus. It’s a handheld puzzle game that requires you carefully manoeuvre a ball bearing around a 360 degree puzzle along a pre determined track.

Addictaball comes in two different sizes with the larger one measuring 19cm in diameter and the smaller, 13cm that’s aimed to be an on the road type game (obviously not while travelling as it’s hard enough sitting still to navigate the ball around the maze).

it takes serious hand-eye co-ordination to steer your ball through Addictaball’s handily numbered sections (138 sections for the large, 100 for the small). We guarantee you’ll be cursing this unputdownable sphere’s devious nature and pulling faces worthy of a champion gurner in under a minute

Addictaball Specs

* Suitable for ages 8 years +
* An infuriating but addictive maze game
* Rotate the spherical puzzle to guide your ball through the 3D maze
* Numbered sections (138 for the large, 100 for the small) guide you around the tracks
* Made from plastic, featuring a steel ball-bearing
o Large 19 cm diameter ball with 0.5 cm plastic rim across circumference
o Small 13 cm diameter ball with 0.5 cm plastic rim across circumference

Available now from Firebox in the UK costing £6.99 for the small version and £14.99 for the large version. Both versions can be found here.


  1. Perplexus does not have a patent of any sort & even if they ever had it expired. A copyright applies for its name.or exact art & since addictaball is not close to the name perplexus nothing is infringed upon. besides from your greed I don’t see a RIGHT that you have its just the way the system was set up that patents expire & yours did long ago (if you ever had one ) at the same time let mew thank you for the great toy u created you’ll make enough money from perplexus for art you created 30 years ago.& be careful as the addictaball guys may sue you for libel as you call them bootleggers & saying they infringe on your rights when it just is not true

  2. Just so everyone knows…….. When an individual invests his life into a project It would be unjust of anyone to produce a knoch off…. Thats one of the problems with this world people are lazy and don’t have imagination. So to anyone reading this come up with your own ideas and don’t copy peoples life long work just for a profit……. KEEP IT REAL THIS IS THE 818

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