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iPhone 5 mockup hands-on posted

A few moments ago I posted a picture of what someone thinks the iPad mini will look like, should Apple decide to launch it. This post is now about an iPhone 5. The device is a mockup created by a case manufacturer who apparently has the official specs ready for a launch in the next few weeks. The device is not working and is literally just parts cut out to match the dimensions that Apple has provided.

Instead of a picture, the Verge managed to spend some time with the case manufacturer although the company behind the mockup didn’t want to be identified, understandably.

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iPad mini mockup created

Although no official announcement has been made about the existance of an iPad mini, it still hasn’t stopped a ton of rumours about it as well as supposed part leaks. The latest I saw today was a mockup of what the iPad mini might look like. To be honest, it’s pretty much what I expected it to be with thinner bezels around the sides and larger bezels on the top and bottom.

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Nexus 7 3G could launch this month

It’s hard to know where to draw the line between rumour and hopes. A lot of rumours are spread about devices such as Android tablets as well as iPhones and iPads. The latest relates to the relatively new Nexus 7 tablet from Google. The rumour hints that a 3G model will be arriving within weeks… as in sometime in September.

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New Windows Phone from HTC leaked – the HTC 8X

A few days ago a new smartphone called the HTC Accord was leaked along with a few specs. It appears that this device will now be known as the HTC 8X when it launches. From what I can see on the picture below, it will be running Windows Phone 8 as the operating system.

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