Over 1,000,000 online gamers – Call of Duty: Black Ops

Rather astonishingly (depending how you look at it) Treyarch, the developers behind the latest Call of Duty game, have, at the very least, over 1,000,000 reasons to celebrate today.

That’s the number of online multiplayer gamers registered on Xbox LIVE as of 0900 hours GMT.

The numbers may not spark a huge surprise as sales sky rocketed when Modern Warfare 2 was released back in the latter half of 2009. So with record sales for Black Ops already making headlines worldwide, the game has left other strong titles such as Halo: Reach and Fifa 11 in it’s wake.

We’re unable to say exactly how well Black Ops has done without sales figures but it’s safe to say it’ll do pretty well for itself and should be expected to gross over a billion British pounds. Stores across the country opened their doors to eager customers at midnight for the game’s launch. So with all this, Call of Duty: Black Ops will push the Cod franchise even further towards the history books.

But what do you think? How are you finding Treyarch’s latest instalment? Let us know what you think.

(Via: T3)


  1. Gary francis says

    I qued up midnight got home and was so dissapointed but really wanted to love it so played it all night.by the morning I decided my first view was wrong the game was terrible not just bad.the sound is terrible along with the lag and game play this game has no sole.its like a game that should be in a ps2.can’t believe I wasted my money on this back to mw2

  2. This is one of the biggest let downs of my year. I cant belive they would follow up there last with this mistake. The game is way over priced for the poor recreation of there franchise. They relied on slightly better graphics to follow up a great game. Its almosed unbeliveble how horrible they could recreate war fare. The game is loaded with glitches and poor fighting, the guns and movement bring you back to big red one. Stay with Modern Warefare 2 and pretend they never came out with a new game you will just be disapointed.

  3. “unbeliveble how horrible they could recreate war fare.”

    It’s a game… have you ever experienced warfare? Do you want searing pain when you die? No… It’s a game. It cannot fully recreate warfare… short game for all players if so as I’m fairly sure real dead people don’t get spawned again a few seconds later…

    In contrast to the miserable comments, the game is great, well worth the money and a significant improvement over MW2 which had a poor campaign mode (although a good storyline) If anything id say the Black Ops multiplayer is better than MW2 by a mile, the wager games seem great and COD points is a brilliant idea.

    The campaign mode so far is exceeding MW2, ignore the mardy comments from these guys..

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