Zypad WL 1000

The Zypad WL 1000 is a wireless computer watch. The thing is rather huge but may have uses somewhere such as while climbing or caving where an accessible computer is needed from time to time.

More seriously, this might become a good tool for emergency situations where because of it's hands free functions which are available right away.


*Operating System: Standard platform supports Windows CE 5.0 or LINUX based on Kernel 2.6
*Display: 3.5&Prime TFT touchscreen automatic contrast adjustment via ambient light sensor
*Wireless: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
*GPS: Integrated GPS receiver and antenna
*Audio: Stereo speakers and headphone jack for external headset to support multimedia applications
*Battery Life: Average 8+ hours of operations, depending on use
*Expandability: Mini Secure Digital memory slot and USB (Master & Device) ports
*Accelerometer: Tilt and Dead Reckoning System allows to determine whether or not the user is moving (GPS supplies the position)
*Keyboard: 11 backlit keys
*Ergonomic Design: Designed to comfortably fit the user’s wrist, under or over clothes, for hands free operations
*Pen Device: Integrated stylus connected to the strap

Via: NaviGadget

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