Zune and XBox 360 Might Merge

xbox-portableA rumour has been around saying that Microsoft are looking to combine the Zune with an XBox 360 making an ultimate portable handheld gaming and music machine. The image shown is just a concept fan drawn image, but could indicate what is in store in the next year or so.

Anyway, the project is codenamed ‘xYz. I am assuming the ‘X comes from the Xbox 360 and the ‘Z comes from the Zune. As for the ‘Y, the answer to that is ‘because they can, and it would make money.

Not much is known about the xYz apart from it probably having a WVGA screen that is also touchscreen… but of course, all these specs are just rumour and concept at the moment.

Not sure if the idea will be listened to by Microsoft but judging on how well the Nintendo DS does, I’d be surprised if MS didn’t have a go at the portable gaming industry.

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