Zlin iCub Plane gets an iPad Integrated in to Cockpit

Zlin are unveiling a new plane soon. The new plane is called the iCub and as the name suggests, it integrates Apple [AAPL] technology in to the cockpit.

The iCub has a space available to fit an iPad that can be used to navigate around. When normally choosing navigation equipment the costs can run in to the $1000’s due to the amount of equipment you need. However, the iCub is not designed for mundane tasks of flying from a to b. Instead, it’s supposed to be a fun plane to fly. The iPad has apps that make it versatile enough to be used in the plane so that weather charts and navigation details can be displayed with the iPad 3G’s built in GPS sensor. The iPad 3G is far cheaper than the regular GPS equipment you buy for a plane.

The iCub also takes two passengers and in the back an iPhone can be used and wirelessly synced to the iPad to let the two units communicate with each other.

The below photo is just a mock up of what it will look like. Wired intend to attend the unveiling of the iCub and will have all the details when it is announced.

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