Zipcharge Quick Charger

The Zipcharge Quick Charger is another device that allows you to charge up your mobile phone, PDA or MP3 player while on the move.

The device is available over at Firebox where they claim the charger can charge a phone up to four times quicker than a regular lithium-ion charger. Just 15 minutes of charging time is capable of giving your iPod another 20 hours of music playback and a standard mobile phone about 10 hours of talk time. Obviously those numbers won’t match up for the iPhone and other large screen smartphone devices, but for a smaller phone that requires a lot less battery juice to keep running it certainly will come in handy.

The numbers are quite impressive and other numbers also make it sound even more impressive. A 60 second charge (just 1 minute) on an Apple iPod will bring an extra 2 hours of music playback as well as 8 hours of standby for a mobile phone. In the 60 second charge a digital camera is able to capture about 80 more photos (obviously depending on the model you are charging).

Zipcharge Quick Charger Tech Details:

* Power Supply
* AC (included) or cigarette lighter charging (not included)
* High conversion efficiency rechargeable nano-phosphate lithium cell with 1100mAh capacity
* 10 min: 90% capacity, 15 min: 100% capacity* USB (A) 850mAh, mechanically compliant with USB2.0
* USB patch cable supplied with tips for enhanced compatibility
Works with…
* Nokia
* Blackberry
* iPhone
* LG
* Samsung
* Motorola
* Sony Ericsson
* iPod
* MP3 players
* Cameras*
* Handheld game consoles*
* Two way radios*
*Subject to using the correct cable/tip

What you get…
* ZipCharge and dock
* Mains adapter

Check out the Firebox site for full details on what the above numbers are based on. Via: CG

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