Zeo Personal Sleep Coach

zeo-personal-sleep-coachMost people associate a training coach with exercise and a lot of hard work to get fit. I must admit that I never thought that you needed a coach to sleep though. Zeo have created the personal sleep coach which is a device that trains you to get a decent nights sleep.

The Zeo device requires that you go to sleep wearing a small headband. The headband measures brainwave patterns to see what your sleeping habits are.

When sleep patterns have been gathered they are run through a computer which provides graphs and habits on screen for you to analyse. The system then gives you feedback and a 7 step program to get you to fix all your bad sleeping habits.

Introducing Zeo, the Personal Sleep Coach. Developed with leading sleep scientists, Zeo is a new kind of educational tool and motivational program that helps you understand how you are sleeping, reveals habits and behaviors that may be helping or hindering your sleep, and teaches new ways that may help you get a better night’s rest. Zeo is a three-part personal sleep coach product, combined with a highly personalized sleep coaching program.

The Personal Sleep Coach costs $399 and hopefully does exactly what it says on the box 🙂


  1. Gadget Sleuth says

    It’s a nice idea…if it wasn’t $400 which wouldn’t make me sleep very well.

  2. Lurking Grue says

    This is how you can gauge the value: when you have had sleep problems to the point that $400 looks like a bargain then this may be worth it.

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