zBoost ZPersonal Cell Phone Booster

Have you ever found yourself out and about with your mobile phone and just cannot quite get the signal you need? I am lucky where I live in that I am in a busy area with full 3G and video coverage, but go back a week… while visiting family it was a real pain having next to no signal in the home. Every call dropped, most calls went to voicemail with out even ringing my phone. I basically had to step out to the garden to make my calls. This kind of situation is where a zBoost could come in handy. The zBoost is a portable device which boosts mobile phone signals in a small area. The zBoost ZPersonal measures about 4 x 5 inches in size and fastens on to a window with 2 suction cups. You then attach the long cable which has an antenna on the end which measures about 6 inches long. The long cable allows you to move the antenna close to where you make the majority of calls from and the mobile signal gets boosted from where the box is to where the antenna is which creates your own personal cell phone area.

The concept is a cool idea and comes in handy for situations like I mentioned earlier. There are a few downsides though. This device must have a signal to work which is kind of obvious as it wont boost nothing. If you have a faint signal then it does occasionally do what it is supposed to. Al over at CIO.com gave the zBoost a full review and found that the device was a little inconsistent. Sometimes the signal was boosted and other times it was not. Another down side is that it only plugs in to an outlet on a wall and cannot be powered by USB or from your car lighter. Other then that, if you have a power outlet and need a signal boost then this could work well for you if you get it set up right.

For the full review of the item check out CIO.

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