YouTube Video Player Updated

Over the past couple of weeks, Google [GOOG] has slowly rolled out a new video player on YouTube. The new video player has a different look and also brings a few handy features to give more in depth analysis of the video being watched.

The layout is different in that the red progress bar is now slightly transparent and runs just under the video. Below that is a section where the play button, volume control and other buttons can be found.

New features also include the ability to right click on the video which pops up a menu where you can select various options such as a broadband speed test, video details, debug information and more.

Right now the video doesn’t support those showing ads although a fix is said to be coming in the next few weeks. Also embedded videos do not get the new player just yet. This is also expected to change in the next few weeks.

You can check out the changes over at YouTube.

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