YouTube Testing 3D Videos

3d-youtubeIt seems like YouTube is venturing in to 3D and following the general trend for this year hoping that 3D will be here to stay. This past weekend they began experimenting with 3D videos. The engineer responsible for the tests was actually using his “20% time” that google gives to employees to experiment and try new things out.

Videos can be viewed in various ways by using various strings on the end of the URL. These include yt3d:enabled=true to enable the view mode, ytd3:aspect=3:4 to set the aspect ratio, yt3d:swap=true to switch over the left and right sources of the encoded video.

It’s an interesting move forwards and who knows really if it will take off or not. Chances are that some, maybe many, might get interested in 3D movies and end up creating their own to upload.

Via: GearLive and SEO Round Table


  1. Yaardovich says

    Everything new once was old, everything old is new again.

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