YouTube Camcorder – The Pure Digital Flip Video

Pure Digital Flip Video
A camcorder has been created to make uploading your home made videos to YouTube easier for the less net savvy people. The camera is a small white device which can fit in the palm of your hand and features a USB connector. The basic idea behind it is that you record a video, plug it in to your PC and the video is automatically uploaded to YouTube. 1 more picture and pricing after the jump.

Two versions are available that can hold 30 minutes or 60 minutes of video. The 30 minute version will sell for $119 and the 60 minute version will sell for $149 which isnt bad. The devices are both powered by AA batteries which are all over the place and can be recharged quickly.

The camera was designed to fill a void of those who are unable to upload due to lacking the skills or know how to do so. You do have to ask how big this void is that needs to be filled. For example, my friend does not know how to upload to YouTube… so would he be interested in this camera? Nope. He doesnt care for YouTube or the internet. I just wonder how many people would really go out to buy a dedicated camera for YouTube rather then learning from a friend how to upload their own video from cameras they already have. I am not saying it wont work, but I wonder to what extent it will fill the void, if it exists.

Flip Camera

Via: CNN

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