YouTube Ad Skipping Coming by the End of 2010

Google [GOOG] later on this year will be giving users the option of skipping over pre-roll ads on their videos. Pre-roll ads are the ones that play for 10 – 15 seconds before you watch the actual video. These in effect, will not be optional to view.

Ad selection is also to be implemented that will give users the option of choosing an ad to watch on the longer videos. Google will only pay out for those ads watched which puts emphasis on the advertiser to get some good ads on line.

Google has been testing ad skipping for about 9 months now and have seen results that indicate that better quality ads get viewed a lot more and the bad ones get skipped.

It’s nothing really ground-breaking in terms of changing how things work, although it does give the user the option of getting right to the content if they wish.

Via: BGR

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