Yahoo! Sketch-a-Search iPhone App Lets you Draw for location based Search

Sketch-a-Search is an application built by Yahoo! that allows you to search for restaurants nearby by drawing a line on a map around the area you want to search in.

By using your GPS or cell tower co-ordinates the application searches within the area you draw around. The restaurants once listed can then be filtered by distance, type of restaurant as in romantic/family/casual/formal and also by it’s 1 – 5 star rating in terms of how much of a recommendation the restaurant is.

Switched managed to do a brief hands on of the application and although it worked relatively well, it did feel a little laggy in points where drawing was concerned. Also the filtering wasn’t up to scratch due to the lack of data in certain areas.

However, Yahoo! Sketch-a-search does appear to have a lot of potential. Although it currently works on just restaurant type searches the company behind it are planning on opening it up a lot more over the coming year to include various other location based searches that users do on a day to day basis. [TechLand] A video below shows the application in use and what it is currently capable of. As of yet I am unable to find the app in the App store, so I assume it’s coming soon and I am guessing it’s also free.

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