Yahoo Mail on iPad gets a HTML5 Update

Yahoo has updated Yahoo Mail to be optimised to run on the Apple iPad. The new version is HTML5 friendly and allows for a better experience while checking mail through the Safari browser.

On the heels of our recently launched HTML5 mobile web mail for iPhone you’ll feel right at home with this experience. We’re keeping all the things users love about our new mobile Web mail, while optimizing it for the gorgeous large screen of the iPad.

New features of the iPad friendly version of Yahoo Mail can be found below.

HTML5 Friendly Yahoo Mail for iPad Features

* Faster and more reliable: If you’re offline, Yahoo! Mail uses local caching capabilities to help you access and search your messages even without an internet connection.
* Smart: You can find and organize your messages using Full Search, personal folders and Smart Folders with messages from your most important contacts and optimized views for photos and file attachments.
* Feature Rich: View rich photo attachments in their full form, or as previews directly in the inbox view. Also includes a dual-pane view to make reading and organizing a breeze.

The new version of Yahoo Mail is available for anybody who has an iPad. To access it, just load up Safari and navigate to Once that’s done, your browser will be detected and Yahoo will switch to the iPad friendly version.

Via: Yahoo


  1. How do I access my contact list when composing wail with this new HTML5 yahoo email?

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