XPAL Solar Egg Charger – 4 Hour Charge on Indirect Sunlight

XPAL have created a new solar charger that is capable of reaching full charge in just four hours. What makes the XPAL solar charger more impressive is that the four hour charge can be achieved in indirect sunlight where as other chargers rely on direct sunlight to charge.

The system uses what it calls “magic SunBoost solar conversion technology” that uses medium levels of natural light to charge the device. That particular technology was created by a company called Intivation who are based in the Netherlands.

So that the XPAL Solar Egg charger functions more it has the ability to detect what type of device it is connected to and can change the output to not waste energy. An example could be an MP3 player that requires less power than a digital camera to charge.

It looks to be an excellent and very handy device. We hear it is shipping next month in Europe although an exact date an pricing has not been confirmed just yet.

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