X-Mini II and X-Mini Max II Review

X-Mini-Max-IIWe recently received a couple of sets of speakers for review named the X-Mini II and X-Mini Max II. When first getting the speakers out of the box I was a little worried that they wouldn’t provide much sound or volume due to their small size. Lets take a look to see if I was right… The X-Mini II is a single speaker that has a 40mm driver built in that you can attach to your computer via the attached 3.5mm cable. The X-Mini Max II comes in 1 unit that actually splits in 2 and houses a 40mm speaker in each side providing 2 channels of stereo sound.

X-Mini-IIBoth sets of speakers are built quite well with the single speaker being made of plastic coloured in black with a matte finish. The driver is coloured red to make it stand out a little. When twisting the bottom and top side of the speaker you’ll find that it actually breaks apart to reveal a cushion to extend the air chamber behind the speaker. This does make a difference to the sound quality output and surprisingly the speaker is loud and quality is not bad at all. There is a huge difference between the volume my laptop speakers can reach compared to the X-Mini II and I have to say I am very impressed.

Moving on to the X-Mini Max II speakers I am happy to say that sound quality is just as good, but with these speakers you get the audio in stereo. As with the X-Mini II speakers, you also have the option of twisting these speakers open to make the air chamber larger to provide more sound. It works very well and both speakers work very well providing some good quality music.

Each of the speakers also has an output so that if you want to get a bunch of the speakers you can connect them all together to create even more noise.

In conclusion I have to say I am surprised by how good they are vs how big they are. Each of the speakers houses a rechargeable battery charged by USB. If you take a laptop with you and want some good quality sound in the hotel or office etc… then for the price you can’t really go wrong with the X-Mini speakers. I’m struggling to think of any negatives at the moment as they do exactly what they say on the box… create loud sound.

They are available at Amazon for around $29.99 for the single speaker in the US, and in the UK just under £15 – found here.


  1. Hi – im wondering what would give a better all round output – if you had 2 of the single Mini ii speakers daisy chained, or just the mini max which split’s in 2 pieces. ? Like are the single speakers better quality than the split ones individually ?

    • I couldn’t tell a difference to be honest. Both perform well and with the double speakers you do get stereo whereas with the single you’d just get the 1 channel transmitted to both speakers. If I was to personally choose I’d go for the double speakers.

  2. like manasa said earlier about buying to x mini or just have the x mini max, i didnt understand. what would be your personall choice

    to buy to X MINI or just one X MINI MAX ?

    whas the best

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