XBox Portable LCD Screen

XBox Portable LCD Screen
This isnt the best of ideas that I have come across. The XBox portable LCD screen fastens to the top of your 360 and has a 720p 12.1 inch TFT screen built in. Unfortunatly it requires that you use a seperate power source to power the screen as well as the XBox 360 PSU. Having to carry all this around just so you can play XBox games where ever you are seems a bit much in my honest opinion although I am sure some people may find a benefit of it.

It costs about $302 dollars which should be available in July.

Via: OhGizmo


  1. da xbox freak says

    u should try and make it differently so that the screen can get powered through 1 plug instead of two and release it another at date instead of july then more people will buy it. i hope u guys take my idea

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