XBox 360 Style Games on a Cell Phone

phoneboxA company are claiming that it will soon be possible to put the XBox level games on to a mobile phone. This is due to a new chip that they are launching that will greatly increase the power available to run these types of games.

The new processors by ARM will have enough power to handle all the 3D elements and smooth gameplay although playing them on a small screen might not be the most desirable thing. The good news is that mobile pico sized projectors are starting to be made available which we will soon see them embedded in phones. A mixture of a mini projector and a powerful ARM processor should give you a nice 50 – 60″ screen capable XBox console that you can carry around in your pocket.

The Mali-2.0 is the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) that is capable of moving 16 million triangles per second with 4x anti-aliasing and shifting 275 million pixels per second. Moving on a little bit they also claim to have 1080p processing. The good news is that the chip could be ready to go in to phones as early as winter 2009 at a cost of just $100. The 1080p processing will be provided with a slightly advanced GPU named the Mali-400 that is capable of quad cores running at 300MHz.

Via: CrunchGear


  1. I dont believe its possible , and why not the ps3? the phone will defently overheat and freeze, is the xbox 360 itself cant almost handle it. and besides the RAM is way too low. i would say impossible for this time.

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