XBox 360 Slim – Leaked Pics?

A couple of pictures were emailed to Game Kings recently that supposedly show off an XBox 360 slim. The XBox 360 pictures certainly looks a little smaller. It drops a vent from the top panel as well as has a little less bulk on the side panel along with it being smaller all around.

However, the shots only show the top panel of the device making it difficult to asses if the pictures are the real deal or not.

It does show a glimpse of what we might be in for and if the pictures are real, it actually looks like quite a decent smaller version of the console.

We expect to hear more soon about the XBox 360 slim so stay tuned to see if the pictures turn out to be real or not. Another shot is below showing the device a little closer up.

Via: SB


  1. icebreaker says

    April Fools idiots 😛 haha, greetings from The Netherlands

  2. That’s just a pic of the HD DVD drive you clownshoe!

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