Xbox 360 Slim 250GB Hard Drive Now Available

Microsoft [MSFT] has confirmed that the Xbox 360 slim 250GB hard drive is now available. The drive can be used as a replacement for the rather small 4GB Xbox 360 S that launched a few weeks ago.

The new 250GB hard drive actually went on sale a little early at although we hear that it is now available through various retail channels as of today.

Price wise, it will cost you $130 which does actually make the whole setup of the 4GB Xbox 360 S and 250GB hard drive more expensive than the 250GB Xbox 360. Check out Amazon for pricing.

Check out the video below that shows the 250GB hard drive packaging and gives a little bit of detail on pricing and specs etc…

Via: Joystiq


  1. i take it the old hard drives will not fit into the new slim 360?

    • Etanaru Kage says

      They can if you’re willing to break them out of the old case remove the cable and then plug them in to the new 360s drive bay like a laptop harddrive. It’s not a secure fit in the bay but if your not planning on moving it around a lot you shouldn’t have problems. I used my first Xbox 360s 20 GB drive just fine.

  2. when will the 250gb hard drive be available in Canada?

  3. 250 gig drive for the slim is $60 on ebay. The Slim is still a 360 at heart, so it still uses the same drive formatting, you don’t need to waste your old 360 drive. It’s just a standard SATA inside that funky case, but with an xbox format that matches the size. You just need a #6 & then a #10 torx bit to tear that down. If you’re feeling cheap, put some duct tape on the outside end of the drive and just shove it ‘as is’ into the Slim drive bay. A little wiggling around to get the connector lined-up right and then some cardboard to keep it from banging around in the bay. Make sure you look in there with a flashlight to check which way the connector is oriented! If you insist on trying to put a big generic drive into the slim, keep in mind that the only sizes that will work need to match one of the official xbox sizes that were released because you’ll be downloading a virus-free copy of someone elses xbox drive signature. For example, you can copy your 20 gig drive and write that to a nice shiny new 250 gig drive and all you’ll get is still the same 20 gigs, minus of course the system cache. I don’t think it’s worth the effort when you can just buy a brand new 250 gig for $60 and then use xbox live to transfer from your old drive to the new one.

  4. confused mom says

    If I buy a 250gb hard drive on ebay for $60 and it comes from Hong Kong will it work in a US Xbox 360 slim? Just don’t want to waste money. Thanks

  5. I recommend buying from a US seller and shipper.

  6. I just got my 250gb hard drive from China… It works great! The system even recognizes it as a “Microsoft Certified” one… And if you do have troubles there is always an ebay law suit even if most Chinese sellers are very prompt with refunds etc.

  7. guess wat microsoft you money grabbing xxx im going to break my old hard drive and put it in my new xbox

  8. is there anyway to use an computer hard drive xbox 360 . can u get adapters or anything

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