XBox 360 Mouse and Keyboard Adapter

XBox 360
For those who enjoy playing games with a keyboard and mouse such as first person shooter games then the 360 keyboard and mouse adapter is for you. It allows you to connect a regular keyboard and mouse to it and play games using those controls.

It looks to be a decent option as I must admit that some games are easier to control this way and sometimes us bad players need all the help we can get 😉

Via: Fosfor


  1. I think this is great. Not only is a keyboard and mouse the only decent way to play a FPS but this opens up the ability for future games to do cross platform multiplaying without us Xbox 360 owners struggling with the gamepads.

    If Microsoft is smart they will develop their own Keyboard and Mouse and enable cross platform Multiplaying on Live.

  2. I agree 100% with you there. I was on my brothers xbox 360 recently and was amazed at all it could do. Adding the extra features is an essential step forward I think.

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