Xbox 360 Controller Keyboard

QWERTY Xbox 360
A rumour is currently floating around about the Xbox controller getting a 47 key QWERTY keyboard attachment which attaches to the bottom of the controller. If it actually makes it to the shelves it will be used for email, and instant messaging capabilities. Rumours say that it should be available this summer, but no price is available yet.

When connected to the bottom of the controller the unit actually connects to the headphone jack which can pass the signals back and forth to the Xbox.

Via: Engadget


  1. Burlextraully says

    Is this gonna end someday??

  2. Is what going to end?

  3. ok,i have the xbox 360 i have 13 friend on it but the problem is to rite them something and i need the Xbox 360 Controller Keyboard(UP THERE),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so where can i buy it and how much money do i need to buy it(in dollars)

  4. Burlextraully says

    oh nothing, i am just an xbox 360 hater.

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