XBee PRO XSC RF Data Modules

xbee_900_rf_wirelessIf you need to get some data across a long distance and have no phone system or internet connection to achieve this then check out these XBee PRO XSC RF Data Modules.

These RF modules allow you to send data to a receiver up to 15 miles away when in line-of-sight. They use the 900MHz ISM band (needs a licence). The downside is that they only get 9.6kbps at full range. However, go for a lesser distance of say 6 miles then you can see speeds of 156KBps which isn’t too bad.

Although most of us just use broadband connections to send data these modules can come in handy for sending data across buildings in the city without having to pay connection fees to an ISP.

No doubt there are a ton of other ideas that these can be used for and all these types of ideas can be found over at the SparkFun forums.

Product Page Via: TechNaBob


  1. I used the old versions of these at uni last year for a data telemetry project. They’re a seriously cool piece of kit. I still have the modules and after uni this summer I’m gonna attempt a little home automation with them. Definately worth a play with if you get chance!!!!!!!

  2. Jesus Lopez Aros says


    I’m thinking on use XBee modules to a home automation project. This is the situation: I need to control via PC about 30 remote sensors & actuators. In the PC side is pretty easy since a can use USB boards to hold a XBee module and start the communication. On the “remote” side I need to find a way to assure that an input command (button pressed, for example) be really transmitted to the central node (PC node) even it needs to wait some time since I have a lot of remotes trying to send and receive information to & from the central node. As far as understood, if I don’t “read” the command of remote at the exact time the button was pressed I’ll lose this information, since the input status will gone be 0 as soon the user release the button.

    Could someone help me on this issue?

    Thanks a lot!

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