X-Twin Bi-Plane

Firebox has put on sale another cool rc flying thing. Similar to the Picoz Micro Helicopter we reviewed a few days ago, this one is now a small bi-plane which has 2 props to keep it flying in the air. Nice little living room present I think 🙂

X-Twin Plane

The Plane
It’s light… at just 20 grammes and has a wingspan of a mere 9″ (3″ short of a foot for those who struggled at maths). It’s made out of some type of foam. With it being made of such a lite material then those who struggle to keep this in the air will be glad to know it generally wont break if you crash the thing.

The X-Twin plane is easy to control. It has a smart handheld transmitter which also is used to charge the plane. It flys for around 15 minutes which is plenty of fun to be had.

Small Plane

Over all I am impressed with the new range of indoor flying things that are coming out. A couple of years back it was the mini cars (Bit char-g) and now they have taken it the next step on and allowed us to fly around the house 🙂 Ok, we could do that with the expensive toys but how quick would you break the toy and the living room if you tried that? 🙂


Go pick one up now from Firebox and have a laugh in your living room or in the office. To make it even cooler there are 2 frequencies available so 2 people can fly together. How cute!

£24.95 from Firebox.com

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