WP7 Handyscan App Personal Document Scanner

Handyscan is an app for the Windows Phone 7 operating system. What it does is allows you to capture pictures of documents and store them as JPG or PDF files on your smartphone. Once captured and stored, you can then use email to send the docs to your email address.

The Handyscan software allows you to scan multiple pages per document and it also gives you the ability to rotate and crop images after taking them.

Although the quality wont quite match that of a regular scanner due to camera shake and lighting conditions, it’s certainly a decent way to quickly capture your documents for storage.

Other features of the Handyscan app include…

* Scan any type of physical document
* Zoom in/zoom out capable
* Align and crop scanned document
* Add text to document. You can fill forms if you got no pen!
* Scan multiple pages per document and save as a single file
* Send scanned document via email, either in JPG or PDF format
* Choose size and quality for sent documents

Via: WMPowerUser

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