Worlds Thinnest DVD

DVDs are still going strong and still being worked on. The latest is an ultra thin DVD which measures just 0.092mm thick. It was created by Hitachi Maxell and is 1/13th the thickness of regular DVD media. However, the thin size does not mean less data stored. Full capacity is still at 4.7GB. The price of these ultra thin DVDs will be around $4 when they are made available. I am not sure why they need to be made this thin as DVDs and CDs seem to be just fine as they are. One thing I can think of is the ability to be able to store 13 times more DVDs in the same space as 1 DVD.

Via: GadgetGurus


  1. Matthias Köbrich says

    i can´t think of any other advantages too. maybe they should just stick to developing HVDs. i heard that these disks have a capacity of 200 GB and it´s intended to be increased to 3.9 TB… that´s the future in my opinion.

  2. I just came across the actual reason. What they plan to do is create a cartridge in which all these ultra thin DVDs are placed in and it will then create a library of about 100 DVD’s at a fraction of the size.

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