Worlds Most Powerful Non-Nuclear Battery Created

The image above shows a small metallic cube that was created by applying 1,000,000 atmospheres worth of pressure to the chemical xenon difluoride. This particular chemical is normally a white powder. With the extra atmospheric pressure squashing it, it manages to be capable of storing an amazing amount of energy inside.

DVICE mention that it becomes a very powerful battery although it is unknown at the moment what kind of life span could be expected from the small cube.

Of course, it’s not going to be easy to apply 1,000,000 atmospheres worth of pressure to this caustic and stinky powder that’s normally used to etch circuits on silicon. To withstand that kind of pressure, you need a tiny 2-by-3-inch compartment lined with a couple of diamond anvils.

It’s certainly early days for the small metal cube to appear in a gadget although when and if it does, it should see length between charges being changed from hours to days or months or longer. We really don’t know at the moment how powerful it is.

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