Worlds Most User-friendly Network Solution from ASUS

asus-user-interfaceASUS announced a new user-friendly network solution recently. The system claims to be manual-free and have easy management. The system is called EZ UI and is a graphical user interface (GUI) for routers which helps users to more easily manage their home and small office network.

asus-network-mapThe EZ UI system is available on ASUS’s two new routers named the WL-500GP V2 and the WL-520GU. 6 new features are included on the routers which are QIS, Network Map, Dr. Surf, AiDisk, EZQos and EX MFP.

QIS is a system which automates the setup procedure for network devices. It works by detecting the type of internet connection that is available and then assigning it correctly. After QIS is Network Map which is a graphical representation of what is happening on your home network. Basic information such as connected devices, SSID, encryption type and wireless connections is given. Rather then looking at various menus to find the information, it is all kept in 1 place for you.

Hopefully the management tools are simple to use as ASUS claim as it could be a deciding factor for someone to buy their router should it have “user-friendly” abilities.


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