World Cup Live on iPhone in UK

ITV in the UK will be broadcasting the World Cup live, starting June 11, to iPhone users. The service comes from Red Bee Media who will provide ad supported free live video streaming of the whole World Cup event this month.

Both ITV 1 and ITV 2 will be streamed to iPhone users over 3G and WiFi connections. The service and webpage isn’t live just yet, but on or around June 11 you will be able to watch the World Cup over here on your iPhone.

From what we read at Pocket Lint, the ITV is the only UK broadcaster that will screen the World Cup on mobile.

For those who want to stream live World Cup to their iPad, you can use the iPhone player although the streams and site hasn’t been optimised for the iPad’s larger screen. ITV are working on an iPad player, but it wont be ready in time for the world cup from what we understand.

Will you watch the World Cup on your mobile? I think it’s a fantastic idea to get live matches for those on the move. With it being live you can be in on the moment rather than hearing about the results before viewing the match.

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