Work begins on Microsoft Surface 2 Tablets

Although the Microsoft Surface tablet hasn’t launched yet, word at the moment hints that Microsoft [MSFT] is already hard at work on the next generation device. This information is really no big surprise as various companies will have a generation or two in design for the coming years.

Although MIcrosoft dismissed this by saying that there are just two versions, the RT and Pro versions, certain job openings say things a little differently.

The job openings over the last month have comments in them such as “currently building the next generation” of “devices that fully express the Windows vision.”. This certainly indicates that Microsoft has plans for the future, and why wouldn’t they?

All kinds of skills are being requested such as the ability to work with new materials as well as work with alternative power sources. Microsoft appears to be jumping deep in to the hardware part of this so that they can build devices as they want them rather than just focus on the operating systems that run on them.

Lets hope that Microsoft can create something good over the next few years and also not drop out older versions like they did with WP7 early adopters.


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