Wood Frame HDTV

LG Wood
If you have a spare $10k kicking around and like your TV to be encased in wood like the good old CRT days then LG have the answer for you. The LG HD 60PT1DRA is for you. It is a 60 inch High Definition (1080p) which has a woodern surround come in 2 selections which are walnut or ash. An additional feature is the built in hard drive which can record from the TV or movies so that you can watch 1 channel while recording the other. Recording is also done in HD so you do not loose the effect of the high quality you expect from these types of screen.

Overall I am impressed with the design and look of the screen, but for $10k I would rather spend the money elsewhere and probably make my own wood surround for my screen.

Via: Coolest-Gadgets

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