Wireless Networking for Hardcore Gamers

Gamers hate to see lag on their networks. Lag lowers their chances of becoming champion of their chosen game. To fix this problem, Linksys have created an out of the box Wireless Gaming Router named the WRT330N which is optimised specifically for gamers. Built-in wireless runs up to IEEE 802.11n (draft) speeds and the 4 wired switch ports will allow up to Gigabit Ethernet speeds. These alone should sort out your home network problems. It doesn’t stop there though and Linksys has also added QoS (Quality of Service) which is pre configured to prioritize traffic on ports that are needed for online gaming. This setup ensures that no problems are present on your home network. All you need to then worry about is making sure you have a good enough broadband connection to not get a bottle neck as it leaves the router.

The price tag is a little higher then your average wireless router, but for $159.99 you are getting a top quality wireless gaming router which should see your online gaming experience improved.

Product Page Via: GearCrave


  1. Waste of money. The only real world use is on the LAN not online. Once idiots start paying that kinda money for the “Gamers” router, translated pre-configured for the less than intelligent or extremely lazy croud, what’s next the “grandma” router for 300 it’s specially configured for email forwarding.

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