Wireless Keyboard with Smart Multi-Touch Touchpad

This keyboard has 87 keys, 18 hot keys as well as a fancy multi-touch pad that works as both a touchpad or keypad. Switching between functions requires just 1 click of a button. The keyboard works from a distance of up to 10 meters away from the PC allowing it to be used for presentations if needed.

Wireless USB Keyboard with Smart Touchpad Features

* 87 keys slim link office keyboard
* Powerful office function with 87 keys and 18 hotkeys
* Space-saving, centrally positioned Touch Pad with Smart Function
* Click and Right Click buttons
* Built-in battery LOW LED
* ON/OFF switch Design
* Operating distance: 10 meters
* Operating frequency: 2.4GHz ISM Band
* Frequency Scope: 2479MHz
* Device ID Length: 32Bits
* Modulation/Data Rate: FSK/IMbps
* FN: Num lock change function
* Support Window XP/Vista
* Dimension: 425 x 153 x 18mm (approx.)
* Weight: 462g



The Wireless multi-touch pad keyboard is available from Brando and costs $69.

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