Wireless Illuminated Keyboard

small-illuminating-keyboardThis little keyboard is tiny, wireless and is also illuminated making it easier to use in dark situations. With it being so small it is also very portable too.

The wireless illuminated keyboard has 56 keys and a USB port. More details below…

Wireless Illuminated Keyboard Features:

* Low keycap notebook keyboard with 56 KEYS
* Fn/Num lock change function
* Small, lightweight and portable
* Illumination feature
* Slim body that save working place
* Available USB port
* Operating distance: 10 meters
* Operating frequency: 2.4GHz Radio Frequency
* Dimension: 170 x 81 x 15mm (approx.)
* Weight: 138g

The keyboard costs $47 and is available from the USB Brando site.

Via: GeekAlerts


  1. Chris at LG says

    Perfect for night time typing though i hope you can turn it down or off so it’s not too intrusive…

  2. Seems like a nice small keyboard for someone who would need a mobile keyboard for travel.

    I’m not sure though, laptops are the travel computer. Where would this keyboard come in? A situation where two keyboards are needed perhaps? Gaming?

    The AAA batteries could be been AA batteries. AA batteries are the easiest to find when traveling. They’re available anywhere on the planet.

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