Wireless Carriers Could Charge Per Service Accessed

The slide, pictured larger below, shows what the future might look like for those wanting to access the internet on a mobile phone.

The slide comes from a powerpoint presentation that was sent in to Wired recently. What it shows is a plan that could see mobile operators charging per service for that what you use on your smartphone. Examples show Facebook being charged at 2 cents per MB of data while Skype would cost you 3/month to use and YouTube, a restricted version, would cost 50 cents per month.

The full explanation of what this slide means and where the future could be going with mobile can be found over at Wired.

The changes are quite a departure from how things work now. At the moment you pay a certain amount a month and in return, you receive a certain amount of data of which, you choose where you want to visit and what you want to download. This change would possible change your browsing habits as you could end up paying more for what you do now on the internet.

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