Wireless 700 Card brings GPS to Dell Mini 10 Netbook

The Dell Mini 10 Netbook will soon become available with the Wireless 700 card (costs $69) and provides the netbook a dual function card that will have wireless and GPS giving the netbook navigation and geo-tagging capabilities.

Most smartphones already come supplied with a GPS unit and now it’s time for netbooks to get in on this. Due to the Dell Mini 10 being quite small it could make a very nice navigation device that will be capable of both 2D and 3D turn-by-turn navigation.

As well as providing detailed navigation the Dell Netbook will become location aware so that when you check weather reports or search for something in Google, you will get results relating to your location.

Although netbooks probably wont be seen sat on the dashboard of most cars, they still could get good use as navigation devices on foreign lands as roaming costs for phones are quite high which could let smartphone users leave their phones switched off on their journeys.

The card will be available on the 7th July as an optional extra costing $69 which I think will be taken up by a lot of customers. Maps will be available for customers of the GPS card, but the downside is that there potentially could be a yearly subscription for them. No doubt another 3rd party product could be used if needed.

Via: GizmoWatch


  1. Gadget Sleuth says

    GPS is cheap enough where adding this to a laptop is a little pointless.

  2. Go Doodads says

    I agree with you Gadget Sleuth.

    An I think I don’t need GPS for my laptop as I have my own personal and car GPS navigator.

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