Windows Store for Windows 8 to Open to Developers in February

Microsoft [MSFT] has announced that the Windows Store for Windows 8 will be opening for developers towards the end of February 2012. What that means is that all developers enrolled will be able to submit apps ready for review and launch.

As well as announcing the opening date for submissions, Microsoft has also confirmed revenue share details. The model will start with a 70/30 split (developer/Microsoft) but when an app hits $25K in sales, the share will shift to 80/20 which is quite a good deal. The 70/30 model will be applied to in-app purchases for those that use the Microsoft billing system. The minimum price for an app has been set at $1.49 and there’s a limit of $999.

If you want to submit free apps then Microsoft has a developer account for $49 which is required to submit.

Developers can avoid using the app store if needed as they and enterprises have the option of side-loading apps on to Windows 8, but if you want the benefit of the Windows Store and that whole ecosystem then stick with launching apps that way to get the 70/30 or 80/20 cut with Microsoft.

Other new features include the ability to test trial versions of apps before paying. You can then pay within the app to buy if desired. The app will be the same unlocked version which means any trial saved data used will be preserved when converted to the full version of the app.

More details and screenshots can be found at The Verge.

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