Windows Slate Devices to Launch By Christmas

When the HP Slate was first unveiled at the beginning of the year over at CES we expected that it would be available a few months after. But as we now know, Apple announced the iPad shortly after and released it a couple of months after that. We are still waiting for the HP Slate.

HP then purchased Palm which included webOS and the Windows powered Slate kind of dropped of the radar a little. We are still unsure of HP’s plans and if they are to launch a Slate or not, but Steve Ballmer mentioned yesterday that a Slate would arrive by Christmas.

We don’t know at this point if HP will be making the Slate or if it will be another manufacturer. It could go either way as HP looks set to be focusing on webOS at the moment although that’s no guarantee that they will only create a webOS tablet.

Christmas is only a few months away, so expect to hear some details in the next month or so in regards to what Microsoft [MSFT] has planned.

Via: BGR

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