Windows RT partners announced by Microsoft

Microsoft has revealed more information on partners of the new Windows RT devices. The companies who will be making hardware will be Dell, Lenovo, Asus and Samsung, each of which will have them ready for the launch of Windows 8.

The Windows RT build has been designed to run on ARM based devices with tablets most likely being the most popular.

Since RTM on August 1, PC manufacturers have been using the released software to ready new PCs designed for Windows 8. Collectively, we are all very excited by the innovation and creativity that will arrive in market this October. Our engineering collaboration has been better than ever as we work to bring better performance, reliability, and battery life to new PCs designed for Windows 8. We also know many are interested in how we extended this process to a new generation of PCs built on the ARM platform. This post details how we have collaborated on the development of Windows RT and new PCs designed for the operating system.

Windows RT has a launch date of October 26 and along with that we’ll see many devices as well as tablets launching, especially in the run up to Christmas.

Just a few numbers for you to look at relating to battery life. The RT in testing has seen battery life of up to 13 hours with about 320 to 409 hours for standby time. Microsoft appears to be quite serious about tablets this time around and if the operating system works as well as we hope (and have seen in the beta versions), we expect some good things to happen.

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