Windows Phone Tango Video Chat App Goes Live

Windows Phone now has a video chat app thanks to a new app called Tango. The app allows second generation Windows Phone smartphones to be used for making video calls.

The application works on devices such as the Samsung Focus S and the HTC Radar as well as others.

The app lets you make free calls between Windows Phone devices over 3G, 4G or WiFi as well as to other operating systems such as iOS and Android on both tablets and phones. Also, it lets you make calls to PCs over the network.

If you call from Tango to Tango you can also make free international calls. Phone calls can be made and can be switched to video calls and back to just voice if required.

Tango Features

• Free calls between Windows Phone, Android and iOS phones and tablets, and PCs
• Save money with free international calls to other Tango members
• Start a phone call with Tango and switch to a video call when you have something to show by tapping the camera icon
• We automatically find the friends that already have Tango
• No log in and password – create an account in less than five seconds
• Invite your friends by Text and Email
• Simple and easy to use

The app is available now and can be downloaded from the Marketplace.


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