Windows Phone Tango Screenshots Leaked

Some screenshots have leaked online which apparently show the next version of Windows Phone which is to be called Tango.

The screenshots appear to show MMS messages with video and audio files attached. Also, a new native voice recording app can be seen in the update.

Earlier leaks indicate that Microsoft [MSFT] is lowering the amount of RAM needed to run Windows Phone Tango down to just 256MB. The camera minimum spec is also being lowered to 3 Megapixels, again… according to the rumours. If apps are not compatible then they either won’t show up in the Market or they will specify that they are not compatible. The Verge hints that if these rumours are true then we could see some sort of hardware fragmentation. A similar thing is seen on Android smartphones although this is also related to the sheer amounts of versions available and the carriers not pushing out the latest versions to devices.

Mobile World Congress should have more details later on this month.

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