Windows Phone Classic

When Microsoft [MSFT] announced the new Windows Phone 7 Series on Monday we learned that the company had completely re-written the OS from the ground up rather than using older code. 7 Series will be launched later this year, while phones currently run Windows Mobile 6.5.X.

What we hear now is that the previous version (version 6.5) will now be known as Windows Phone Classic. The Windows Phone Classic will continue to be supported and Microsoft will continue to ship that version of the OS along side Windows Phone 7 Series. Obviously there will be two types of phones which will be the premium sort that have the necessary minimum spec to run WM7S and those cheaper phones that do not.

The name change isn’t happening yet from what we have heard and the older OS will receive it’s new name when Windows Phone 7 Series is launched.

It is unknown at the moment how Microsoft will name future models of phones and if previous names will continue to change names. My bet is that newer version which will probably launch after Windows 8 (for the PC) will be Windows Phone 8 Series… creative!!!

Via: JKontherun

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