Windows Phone 8 Likely to Launch in November

A report over at ZDNET indicates that Microsoft will be releasing Windows Phone 8 in November of this year. The OS has an RTM (release to manufacturer) date in September which would give manufactures a couple of months to get devices ready for launch.

The Windows Phone 8 launch in November, if it happens in that month, will follow shortly after the release of Windows 8 which Microsoft announced will be launching on October 26.

Windows Phone 8 represents the next generation of the new Windows platform smartphones. This particular version is more tightly knit with the desktop and tablet versions of the operating systems making the combination be more integrated than ever before.

It isn’t clear who will be the first out of the gate with new Windows Phone 8 smartphones, but one possibility is Nokia that recently announced that the software was being released in October. It isn’t clear if that means they will have devices ready for October though.

We expect to hear more next month from Microsoft which should confirm all of the finer details of the launch.

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